Money. Ahhh, I can hear all the sighs now. And I get it, It is scary to drop all that money for one day! Money and budgeting are not really all that fun for most of us but, it does matter. I want you to know I respect your budget and want to help you use it to the best of your ability. But hear me when I say this - Investing in your memories will always be worth it!! Photos are the piece you get to take with you and hold onto dearly for forever! And your story deserves to be intentionally documented!!!

SO – if you're just looking for a cheap price tag, I may not be your girl but, if you want someone who values your sacred moments, cares about telling YOUR story with intentionality, and will serve you well, then you're in the right place!

Let me guess, you are looking for a photographer but are immediately intimidated by the "m" word... yeah. I was too.

clients spend $450 on avg

Seniors, grads, babies, and more! Need some photos to commemorate this season of life, content for your business, or just want to dress up and have some fun? I'm your girl! I'm pumped to make some magic with ya!


couples spend $450 on avg

Newly engaged? Coming up on that 5 year anniversary? Or just bought your first home together? The moments that call for celebration deserve to be photographed and preserved forever! I Can't wait to document your love!


couples spend $4000 on avg

Whether you are getting married in the midwest or dreaming about that destination wedding in the mountains, I cannot wait to chat about bringing your dream day to life and capturing all the special moments!!


Let's create something truly meaningful

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 "It has been so special to look through our wedding photos and feel all the feelings again."

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Feeling nervous that you're "too awkward" or "not photogenic" enough to book a session with me? Well friend, I am here to tell you that literally every single person feels that way before they get behind the camera. Heck, even I get nervous when a lens is pointed at me! BUT I want you to feel at ease knowing that it is my job is to help you have fun, comfort you, support you, and to help you realize that you look freaking BOMB in your photos! Count on me to HYPE YOU UP in the process, say "CUTE!!!!" like eight million times and probably shed a tear (actually) when we get that money shot that could be a Nicholas Sparks movie cover. Let loose, be prepared to have fun, and let me do the rest. I got you friend!

Just let loose, it's going to be fun!

I am all about the real laughs, genuine interactions, and capturing the way you laugh when your honey whispers a joke into your ear. Because to me, THOSE are the moments that matter. Those are the images that you can feel. Get ready for me to yell silly instructions at you, to run around in circles like your kids again, and for a session that is intentionally crafted to show off WHO YOU ARE because who you are is freaking awesome. 

Be prepared to get CANDID.

Serving you well is not only at the foundation of my brand but also of who I am as a person who loves Jesus. I am not just the girl that shows up and takes the photos. I strive to be a resource for you throughout your planning process, an advocate by your side, and someone who you can call friend. You invest in a wedding photographer because you want an expert, someone to lean on and to look to in sticky situations. You can have full trust that I will handle the details so you can be fully present in your precious moments. I have invested a lot into this business so that I can give you the best service possible! From investing in high quality gear to high levels of education, I am here to provide a quality experience and give you frame-worthy photos you'll want to hang on every wall!

I am here to serve you WELL.

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your story deserves to be intentionally documented