SENIORS! holy moly, you are amazing! Your graduation is such a special piece of your story and I think that calls for some dang celebration! I want you to know that I deeply care about knowing who you are and am passionate about authentically documenting just that! If you want a senior photographer that knows you, cheers you on, serves you well, gives you allllllll the tips and tricks, and will always comment on your senior sunday insta posts (lol), then I think I am your girl!!

you're graduating and you deserve to be celebrated!

If you're looking for just another photographer with a fancy camera, I may not be your girl and that's okay! BUT if you are looking for a photographer who values intentionally showing off who you are, helping with all the planning to bring your vision to life, laughs with you, hypes you up, and serves the heck out of ya – then BUCKLE up you're in the right place. I'm all about candid moments, honest storytelling, and seniors who are passionate about the experience I can give them. I'm about prompting and directing fun moments and movement, not about stiff posing. If that sounds like what you're looking for and the type of senior experience you're wanting, then let's get this party started!!!

I'm here to serve you WELL. 

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Anna is absolutely amazing!!! She made senior pictures extremely fun and also extremely easy. She does a great job of making sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, and she worked with any photo ideas I had. Not only was the actual photo session amazing but she also sent the edited pictures back super quick. I cannot recommend Anna enough!!!



"she captured my authentic self"

Anna made my grad session so much fun, I couldn’t recommend her enough! She posed me, and made sure to capture my authentic self at the same time. Not only did she make the whole experience fun, she also is fantastic at editing! She made all the pictures look soooo good! I definitely recommend anna for any of your photography needs! :)



"a super comfortable experience"

Anna was awesome!! She let me bring dog along and made it a super comfortable experience and even played music throughout the shoot to help ease any nerves. She definitely made the whole process super easy and captured all the best moments. She’s also awesome at editing, loved the photos! Highly recommend Anna for any and all of your photography needs!!

take it from them:

Starting at $350

your senior year deserves to be intentionally documented!

and your memories are worth investing in


for graduating seniors

Feeling nervous that you're "too awkward" or "not photogenic" enough to book a session with me? Well friend, I am here to tell you, that literally every single person feels that way before they get behind the camera. Heck, even I get nervous when a lens is pointed at me! BUT I want you to feel at ease knowing that it is my job is to help you have fun, comfort you, support you, and to help you realize that you look freaking BOMB in your photos! Count on me to HYPE YOU UP in the proccess, say "CUTE!!!!" like eight million times and probably shed a tear (actually) when we get that money shot at golden hour. Let loose. Be prepared to have fun, and let me do the rest, I got you friend!

Just let loose, it's going to be fun!

Listen up ya'll. I am not your average prom-pose senior picture taker, okay!?! I am all about the real laughs, genuine reactions, and capturing the way you laugh when I accidentally face plant while running towards you behind my camera (it happens way too often lol). Because to me, THOSE are the moments that matter. Those are the images that you can feel. Get ready for me to yell silly instructions at you, to run around in circles like you are a kid again, and to just be you!

Be prepared to get CANDID.

I am passionate about creating a unique and personalized experience for each and every senior. You are a uniquely made human so, your photos should reflect that! Play a sport? Throw on your uniform and let's get on the field! Have a pet you consider your other half? (crazy cat lady here) let's freakin take some pics with your furry friend! Love fashion? Let's take editorial photos in the city! I want to help bring your vision to life and give you a session that is intentionally crafted to show off WHO YOU ARE because who you are is freaking awesome. 

Intentionally crafted to show off who YOU are.

what to expect

Absolutely! In fact, I recommend it! Having a friend by your side significantly helps you feel more comfortable. They will hype you up, make you laugh, and we can even snag a few photos of the two of you!

Can I bring a friend with me to my session?

10000000% YES! I know stepping in front of a camera can be super intimidating, especially if you've never done it before. My job is not only to take the photos but also to tell you exactly where to go and what to do! Relax, have fun, and leave it all to me!

will you help me with posing?

I do not send unedited/raw images as it is not an accurate representation of my work. Editing is a huge part of what separates me from other photographers. I encourage my clients to review my work to ensure my style matches what they are looking for.


Average turnaround time for a senior gallery is 3-5 weeks. This time ensures adequate time for me to dedicate to editing your images. I promise the wait is worth it! 


To Inquire, all you need to do is fill out the form on my website! You will hear back from me within 48 business hours with my investment guide and all the next steps! I get real pumped everytime an inquiry comes through, and I cannot wait to chat with ya!

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I am based in Des Moines, Iowa and am always ready to go on a little trip! All sessions include a 60 mile round trip, after that a small fee will occur per mile!

where are you based? and do you travel?

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