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The Secret To Dreamy Getting Ready Photos

Want to know the secret to getting those perfect getting ready photos on your wedding day?!

Drumroll pleeeease….. Your Space. Yup, that’s it!

Your getting ready photos heavily rely on the space you are getting ready in! This is why picking a great spot to get ready in is so important!

So what makes a space “photo-worthy”? Let me tell you!

1. Natural. Light.

Give me all the windows. Natural light actually allows the space to be bright enough to get those dreamy photos without compromising their quality! Not to mention, your makeup artist will thank you for some window light as well!

2. Bright Walls

Bright walls! If you are surrounded by orange wood paneled walls, guess what – that orange will reflect on your face and that is not what you want! Bright walls keep everything true to color and lightens up your space even more!

3. Room To Move

Trust me, you do not want to be tripping over each other’s feet for 6 hours! Pick a space that’s roomy and allows you all to get ready without major collisions!


A cute couch! You can never go wrong picking a space that has a cute couch to cozy up on with your girls to snag some sweet photos!

Your space MATTERS so make sure this is something you look into while venue shopping! And don’t forget, you can always rent a cute air bnb if your space doesn’t quite hit the mark! 😉

Iowa Venues that have beautiful getting-ready spaces!

  • Willow On Grand has a bright white bridal suite with natural light flooding in from every angle covered by soft white curtains! From the arched built ins to the trendy giant anthropology mirror (you know the one) this suite is an absolute dream to get ready in on your wedding day in Iowa!
  • The Harmac is the perfect fit for the modern bride with an industrial flair! Their giant bridal suite has a gorgeous hair station, the dreamiest soft pink couch all topped off with a neon sign!! The trendy bride’s dream come true for a getting ready space!
  • Irishman Acres has a white shiplap bridal suite with wood accents. It bridges the gap between rustic and modern and offers lots of good light, a beautiful full length mirror, and a couch to sit on with your girls!

Okay okay, but what should you do if your venue does NOT have a great getting ready space?

If you value those morning memories being documented, I highly recommend renting another space!

From specific getting ready studio spaces like The Evermore in Downton Des Moines to lux hotels such as The Surety (the actual cutest hotel rooms and lobby you’ve ever seen!!), there are so many great options out their to help you capture those morning moments the way you dreamed of!

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