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The Best Month To Schedule Your Senior Photos

If you’re like me, the thing you are the most excited about your senior year of high school is finally being able to get your senior photos taken!! There are so many fun decisions you get to make from choosing your photographer to your outfits and locations. But one major factor that will determine the look of your photos THE MOST is what month you choose!

The weather changes pretty drastically each month, especially here in Iowa. If you want to learn how each month can specifically impact your photos and get an idea of what they will really look like, then buckle up friend – you are in the right place!


If you are dreaming of your senior photos surrounded by fields of flowers (I get this request A LOT!!), June is the time for you!! Because we are just transitioning from spring to summer, this is the time all those pretty flowers thrive!!


Wanting that peak summer look with vibrant colors and golden light? July is perfect for ya! The weather allows you to wear all those cute summer tanks and sundresses. This is also the perfect time to get your senior session done and in the books before the chaos of school, spots, and clubs starts back up in August!


August to me is the epitome of golden summer goodness. There are deep, rich colors and lush fields, and the leaves and flowers are still thriving. I also love august for those more urban, downtown sessions because the golden light just pours into the Des Moines streets so beautifully!


Book your senior session in September if you are a golden hour lover like I am!! In September, the neon midwest greens (you know what I’m talking about) begin to fade, making your sunset sessions so warm and golden. If you are wanting photos in your sports uniforms, September is also great because school has started, you have that uniform in hand, and the courts and fields are open for business!


October is my personal favorite but also by far the BUSIEST month on my calendar each and every year! I am a sucker for the dying grass (I just love brown… I know I’m not alone in this LOL), the changing leaves, and the prettiest sunsets of the year. If you are after the fall color, make sure you book for one of the later dates in October and even into the first week of November. If you are dying to snag an October date, make sure you get on my calendar ASAP because man do they go FAST!


If you’re wanting to play in the fall leaves, November is for you! Some orange and red leaves are still hanging onto their branches and slowly falling to the ground, that cool fall breeze we all know and love has finally arrived, and the sun starts setting earlier in the day! This is also my favorite month if you love fall fashion like I do!! Jeans, sweaters, jackets, long skirts, flannels – there are endless layering opportunities and I can’t get enough!

With all that being said….

No month is a bad month for your senior photos! Each season is beautiful in a different way and will no doubt result in senior photos that you love!

If you are ready to get your senior session on the calendar and are looking for a photographer who is so freakin pumped to celebrate you, help you plan the senior session of your dreams, hype you up in the process, and give you photos that capture who you are…. Hi, I’m Anna and I am so dang excited to serve ya 🙂

Ready to book your Senior Session?

HECK YEAH. I am so ready to get this party started! Head over to my Senior Page on my website to get all the deets and fill out the contact form to inquire and get a date secured!

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