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Unique and Elegant Downtown Des Moines Engagement Photos – Grace and Ryan

When Grace and Ryan came to me saying they wanted their engagement session to feel classy, up-scale, serious, and elegant – I was ALL IN. Grace and I studied graphic design together at ISU which not only meant that this was going to be a sweet session capturing a friend and her love but, I also knew she would appreciate and be totally down for all the unique and artistic shots. Needless to say, we had some major fun.

First, we fit the Polk County Courthouse. This building is an architectural gem covered in the most romantic ornaments. We continued to walk around downtown Des Moines and stopped in front of the Surety Hotel and the US Bank (which was surprisingly my favorite!!) Next up, we took some gorgeous photos at St. Ambrose Cathedral. These photos screaaaaam European castle to me and I am HERE FOR IT. Next, we finished at the beautiful principal building in front of their gold swinging glass doors. And last but not least we headed up to the top of a parking garage to capture the Des Moines skyline.

The photos we were able to capture in downtown Des Moines exude such a dreamy and vintage feel, they are the kind of photos that create nostalgia and transport you right back to the moment. If you are looking for photos that hold that old-school-love feeling with unique architecture, there are soo many gems in Downtown Des Moines.

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